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Hey folks, it’s been a great week for Balanced Annihilation. After the release of BA 10.0 we had some awesome games this Christmas. We received a lot of insightful feedback from you guys. Thanks for all the kind words on the new release! Finally, we can return to the old way of doing things which is having weekly releases with much fewer changes. In the meantime, we have got some other good news (and music) for you. Enjoy!

OTA Music widget for BA10+

In order to get an even more immersive experience from Balanced Annihilation, Forboding Angel has created a widget that introduces the legendary OTA soundtrack to the game. People who used to play Total Annihilation all know that these tracks made by Jeremy Soule were a big part of its success. So put on your nostalgia glasses and brace yourself for the intergalactic armageddon accompanied by the full swing of a live orchestra!

How does it work?

The music player puts up a track depending on what is going on in the battle. During the calm period of base building, it will play subtle, quiet pieces. As soon as the battle starts the music will fade into dynamic full orchestral suites. When the fighting stops it will return to the subtle, quiet pieces (The same way it worked in the Original Total Annihilation game). The whole soundtrack consists of 16 pieces composed by the brilliant Jeremy Soule for Total Annihilation.

You can toggle tracks and tweak volume using the player on top of the advanced player list:

Setup is simple! Simply unzip to your base spring folder (explicit instructions are on the download page).


BA 10.01 quick fix

After the release, we stumbled upon some issues, that were easy to fix. Here comes the quick patch:

• Options: added console maxlines and fontsize slider
• Fixed mines not exploding
• Fixed unba coms enabled notification always showing pregame

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