BA 10.02: new effects, stumpy nerf and more!

Balanced Annihilation 10.02 is here!

Hi there! 2017 is slowly coming to an end. Meanwhile, after the few first games after the release of BA 10.00 it became obvious that vehicles benefit too much from the lately introduced pathing. Especially stumpy movement made it able to overrun any T1 counterpart in terms of efficiency. The recently released BA 10.02 version has these things sorted out. Stumpy movement was made closer to the one from BA 9.46. It means that there were given more inertia. As a result, they will feel heavier now suffering from slower turns and lower acceleration.

New effects!

Balanced Annihilation brings some more quality to the graphical performance. Just see for yourself!

List of the changes in BA 10.02

  • Nerfed movement for stumpy/raider/bulldog/reaper, also tiny bit for flash/instigator
  • T2 vehicle artillery weapon damage decreased with 10%, also lowered turnrate
  • Mines switched their detonation method (lua LUS instead of weapons).
  • Implemented lups plasma shields for better performance (and maybe looks ..when ‘lups particle/shader effects’ option enabled)
  • Added lighting to flame effect

Vehicle nerf in detail

  • Bulldog brakerate from 0.165 to 0.180 turninplaceanglelimit from 110 to 90
  • Flash acceleration from 0.06 to 0.058,  turnrate from 5920.8 to 5800.8
  • Stumpy acceleration from 0.026 to 0.023, brakerate from 0.0894 to 0.095, turninplaceanglelimit from 110 to 90, turnrate from 470×0.8 to 470×0.7
  • Instigator acceleration from 0.0594 to 0057, brakerate from 0.1782 to 0.18, turnrate from 4840.8 to 4750.8
  • Raider acceleration from 0.024 to 0.021, brakerate from 0.0762 to 0.090, turninplaceanglelimit from 110 to 90, turnrate from 459×0.8 to 459×0.7
  • Reaper brakerate from 0.198 to 0.210, turninplaceanglelimit from 110 to 90


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