BA 10.03 End-game rules, bugfixes and adjustments


Delta siege game with same colours team palette in BA 10.03

BA 10.03 is live!

We are only three weeks into playing the new fancy BA and already a third update hits the stage! BA 10.03 brings some minor graphical bugfixes, a new experimental setting and an improvement to the endgame condition script. As a result of the latest discussion on forums, we came to the conclusion, that the prevent_combomb script (a.k.a. 1v1 rule) needs a redesign in order to get more consistent.

“WTF?? Why did I lose?”

Every single player on his first FFA

The sole purpose of that modoption was to avoid silly game ends in duels and FFA by preventing the use of combomb or dgun on opponents commander. Therefore, if that wasn’t the case, 1v1 games could just be won by walking into your enemy’s commander and dgunning him. The problem was that it was on only for 1v1/FFA presets. This caused many moments of confusion when someone accustomed to team game rules and fell into this noob trap on FFA. In order to tackle that issue mo_preventcombomb will now work in team games as well, but only for the last two commanders.

Other than that, after testing 10.02 vehicle pathing the community decided that the recent stumpy nerf was a bit over the top. Therefore in 10.03 Stumpy and Raider got a bit more mobile again. What is more, we added a new experimental option to settings. You can set the color palette to display one color for the whole team now. It’s a neat setup that can totally change the perspective of the game, as you won’t be able to find out the identity of the player you are fighting with. You can toggle it in settings (under “Interface”). Finally, some minor bugs were fixed. As there is not much fancy graphics content related to that post I thought you might just enjoy some random cool screenshots from the latest games on BA 10.03 😉 Here you go!

  • ARM attacks

Balance changes:

  • Stumpy/Raider turnrate increased from 329/321 to 370/360
  • Prevent Combomb gadget is now always active but only cancels comblast damages/reflects dgun damages when the involved commanders are both last commanders
  • The previously added feature “TargetBorder” has been disabled. It seemed to remain unstable by times and will be disabled until we are completly sure it doesnt have a negative impact on the game
  • Given t2 mexes are on/off button again
  • Fixed Juggernaut explosion


  • Options: Added team color palette sub option: same team colors
  • LUPS: Shields only show when unit is Finished, and disable the dome when emp-d
  • Decreased Comblast/DgunRange circles activation distance
  • Lighting effects adjustments
  • Starburst missiles have been given a green exhaust trail
  • Fixed Arm Construction Seaplane wings animation overextending


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