BA 10.05: Vehicle balance and tons of bugfixes

BA 10.05 release

BA 10.05 update – this one is big!

How is it going, folks? Finally, the fifth iteration of Balanced Annihilation 10 arrives. It features a major vehicle balance nerf, adjustments in Unbalanced Commanders game mode and a lot of bugfixes. So prepare your Dguns and brace yourselves for BA 10.05!

Vehicle nerf

Yes, another one. Last weeks of playing have repeatedly shown us that the role vehicles play on the battlefield is still too overwhelming. It turned out that adjusting the turrnspeed solely was not enough to provide a proper vehicle/Kbot balance. After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that what really matters here is the maximum velocity. Having higher max velocity have made vehicles better in two ways. First, of course, is that they can move faster. The less obvious one is resulting from the fact that it enabled vehs to get faster to the rally point, effectively increasing the number of units that you can simultaneously have on the front. In a game where having one unit more can completely change the course of the battle, this aspect plays a great role.

As a result, a general decrease of max velocity was proposed.  For details see: Balance changes. Long story short, the most significant nerf was introduced to the units which gave the biggest balance concerns. From the tests we have performed, it seems that vehicles got finally balanced. If any more changes in that regard are there to come, they are probably going to be cosmetic.

Thank you for testing!

Thanks to you guys in the last couple of days we had the luxury of performing lots of big-scale test sessions. You have no idea how helpful it was. It allowed for a really thorough inspection of bugs. And hell, we have found some 😉 What is more, we received tons of constructive feedback from you guys and based some of the changes on what you have proposed. It is really precious to have good devs-players relations, together we can make BA great again!

  • When two lolcannons is not enough - 2h DSD game :O
    When two lolcannons is not enough - 2h-long DSD game :O

Balance changes:

  • Reduced vehicle max-speed: Flash 3%, Instigator 3%, Raiders 6%, Stumpy 6%, Panther 5%, Croc 5%, Bulldog 5%, Reapers 5%, Scouts 2%, Weasel 2%
  • Fixed: HLT’s, corvp/corap/coralab have larger explosion
  • Arm EMP building has 10% less range
  • Leveler and Pyro can only shoot at surface units
  • Reduced Maverick dps 5%, and gets less range when gaining experience
  • Nerfed ArmRoy damages to submarines (390 -> 300) and corroys damages to submarines (410 -> 315)
  • Reduced Support Frigates AA missiles reload time (2 -> 1.5s) and increased damages (110 -> 140)
  • Arm/Core T2 Torpedo Launcher HP buffed (1500 to 2500) reloadTime reduced (arm: 3.1->1.75 core: 5.6->3.16) + removed special damages to commanders

Unbalanced Commanders (when mo_unba is enabled):

  • Added evolving build menus: disabled upgrademex/areamex for commanders when mo_unba is enabled
  • Unit Stats: Shows Commanders’ currently used Weapons, current BuildSpeed and current Level when experience is known to the user.
  • Using lower values for ResourcesUse to Exp ratios, higher for ResourcesMake to Exp ratios, and a better Damages to Exp ratio.


  • Units that only can shoot at surface category units won’t chase when targetting non-surface units (bladewings benefit from this)
  • Disallowed build commands for disabled build options in the unlikely case user widgets could allow overriding the limitation
  • Shields are more transparent and have less ‘burst’-line parts
  • Starburst missile trail color changed to red (was green)
  • Worker type unit explosion has been tinted green
  • Added option: ‘use teamcolor’ option for highlighted selected units


  • Faction change widget: guishader works now
  • Top-bar text elements being out of place after a resize/alt-tab
  • Highlight selected units failing to show in rare occasions
  • Tombstone color-shifting at certain angles
  • Modrules loading error when mo_unba is enabled
  • Unit Stats: Show real-time values rather than UnitDefs’ values when available (maxHP, armor, speed/accel/turnrate)
  • “Burst”-line parts of plasma shields disappear now when the shield gets EMP’ed

New map!

Small Supreme Battlefield Special – The classic BA map based on Supreme Commander’s “Seton’s Clutch”, now with a middle part of the landbridge floded in a way that connects southern and northern seas. The shallow water there allows for a passage of Kbots and vehicles too. Great deal of new strategies available there!

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