BA 10.08: Hotfix, 1v1 tournament + more goodies


Quick update to BA 10.07

Hello everyone! We are just dropping a quick update to touch the issues which went out of sight during BA 10.07 testing session. As may or may not have noticed in the last couple of days Juggernauts refused to shoot their main canons. What is more, there were few problems with the behavior of the newly implemented cloaking script (needed due to a new way of implementing CLOAK in new maintenance engine). Some units wouldn’t auto-cloak after walking out of the lab, also the automatic hold-fire widget didn’t work as it is supposed to. These two plus some minor different bugs have forced the dev team to release a quick bugfix.

Tiny balance tweaks

Along with the bugfix, we are including a little nerf to vehicles. This change has been proposed as an answer to the tons of feedback we had from you guys during the last month. It is not a big deal and probably noone would have even noticed it. However, it is important in a sense of taking any (even the tiniest) steps in the right direction. These tweaks only touch the units that the community considered still overpowered after the former nerfs in BA 10.07, BA 10.05 and BA 10.03.

  • Speed -2% for: Stumpy, Raider, Bulldog, Reaper
  • Janus -2% Brakerate / – 2% acceleration
  • Bulldog -7 weapon AoE
  • Reapers -100 HP

Deterministic unload

One noteworthy thing included in this update is so-called deterministic area unload. It changes the behavior of area unload command. In the past, it used to work in a very unpredictable manner. If you have commanded a number of transporters to unload on some area, they would just pick random points in that space. From now on, these points are going to be uniformly distributed in the circle. The script is using the sunflower distribution (Fibonacci spiral pattern). A little piece of sacred geometry in BA for math nerds to enjoy 😀

BA 1v1 tourney is comming!

Yes! it is happening. After long years of silence, BA is going back to the competitive mode! We are going to hold a 1v1 tournament at the end of April. The exact date is being discussed with the community, but it will most likely be 29/04 (Sunday). What is known now is that the total number of participants is going to be fixed (16). This post is only a teaser, however, you can already start picking your spots. Write on #tourney discord channel or in the comments section below this post if you wanna join the competition. More info soon!


  • Juggernaut main weapon not firing
  • Line Unload behavior (was discarding orders that were shown as possible)
  • sniper auto hold fire when cloaked
  • transported units using selfd explosion rather than death explosion when their transport is shot down / self destructs / is reclaimed

Unbalanced Commanders (when mo_unba is enabled):

  • Commander’s wreck metal value scales on commander’s level: 70% of full value at level 1, 100% at level 2, 120% at level 3, 140% at level 4, 170% at level 5, 200% at level 6, 220% at level 7, 250% at level 8, 300% at level 9, 400% at level 10 and 500% at level 11
  • MoveSpeed reduced by 0.025 when level increases ( 1.25 -> 1.0 ) • EnergyMake = Base + {0,25,50,75,100,150,200,250,300,400,500}
  • MetalMake = Base + {0,0.5,1.0,2,3,4,5,7.5,10,12.5,15}


  • Some widget and gadget optimizations
  • Voice Notifs play along when tracking a players camera when speccing
  • When large unit icons option enabled: buildorders get enlarged alongside with buildicons
  • Enemyspotter/TeamPlatter/ComNameTags widgets take options ‘same team colors’ into account
  • When tracking player camera, ally selected units gui is now integrated in option window
    Ecostats /specfullview crash fix
  • Added modoption ‘mo_allowuserwidgets’ to be able to disable user widgets (plain level field for tournaments and other competitive setups)

Thank you for testing!

(This goes to lobby download. If you already have that, download via lobby or use this link)

7 thoughts on “BA 10.08: Hotfix, 1v1 tournament + more goodies

        1. It is unmaintained since few last engine versions. We are actually looking for an AI dev now to help us get more bots available in next versions. Until then use KAIK for singleplayer.

  1. I saw, that the OTA Guardian and Punisher models are changed. I love the cool OTA Guardian Model. Is there a way to put these Units into Balanced Annihilation?

    1. These models have been changed more than 7 years ago by Beherith. We could reimport these models from OTA but I doubt there is much appetite for it in the community. You can put your suggestions in #suggestions channel in BA discord for further discussion.

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