Tourney winners and BA’s own dictionary

1v1 tourney

Good news everyone!

Nice to see you again folks! A lot of stuff has been happening in the last couple of days in the SpringRTS microcosm. First of all, 27 April 2018 marks the day of a Spring-based game being fully released on Steam – ZeroK. That is a major milestone for all of us in the SpringRTS community. Big congratulations to the dev team and best wishes for even bigger success! What’s more, The Spring Project gracefully steps into its 13’th year of existence. Happy birthday! Thanks to you all good fellas for playing, contributing and having fun with us for all these awesome years. Meanwhile, here at BA we have celebrated it our own way – by organizing a 1v1 tourney. Read more to see the winners and what’s new on the website!

All hail the champion!

After all the long years of silence, BA has finally held an official 1v1 tournament in which 16 competitors fought for the shiny crown of BA champion. Without further ado, let us announce the results!

The winner and supreme champion of the 2018 April 1v1 tournament is the one and only Raghna! He took the ladder by storm devastating all his rivals and only ever losing a single round to fc14159 (a.k.a. Phantom) in semi-finals. Make sure to kneel every time this guy comes by, as he is the one to wear the crown of BA until other tournament yields a different champion! The crown on his commander’s head is going to appear with the release of BA 10.09. You can check out the brackets and results below:

By the way, we are happy to announce that we are planning to organize tourneys quite often from now on. Next time we will make sure to spread the games over the whole week so that everyone has the time to participate. Such an event will be held every month or so. Don’t forget to join the #tourney discord channel to be notified about upcoming events and get in touch with other participants.


What the hell is “porc”???

Through the many years of BA history, it has gathered thousands of players from all around the world. If you put such an international community together it is inevitable that sooner or later they will develop their own micro-language. What’s more, the dynamic character of BA gameplay requires quick communication. As a result, when a new player comes he is faced with a stream of unrecognizable commands from his allies. To solve this, we have prepared a glossary of most commonly used abbreviations and expressions. This can help you get around the world of BA with a better understanding of what’s going on.

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