BA version 10.12 is out!

We’ve improved the newly created AI: DAI.
Units now continuously aim and wont lag behind, 2018 is here after all!
And more options added to the in-game options window, like resolution, window position, camera smoothing, tree wind, and more.
When tracking a player’s camera… your view/radar will be equal to what that player is seeing.
Our engine replacement trees can now catch fire and propagate it to their neighbors. To bad not much maps use engine trees.
We also bring lots of fixes and feature/code cleanup too.

We removed support for older engines to offer a consistent experience and balance. Unfortunately MacOSX users can’t run these newer engines. At least until SpringRTS Engine version 105 comes out which probably brings support back, but that will take a while.

Thank you for testing!

(This goes to lobby download. If you already have that, download via lobby or use this link)

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