BA 10.15: Strategic icons, effects and progress with BAR

BA 10.15 unleashed!

How is it going, folks? It’s been a long time since the last release of a new BA version. But don’t you worry, in the last few weeks BA Discord was literally streaming with creative work and new ideas. Starting with improvements on BA:Remodelled units, adding and enhancing graphics effects and ending on a total redesign of the radar icon set. This update, above all, is about the graphics stuff, however, some essential balance tweaks were also introduced in order to finally refer to some of the long-going players’ complaints. All in all, this update’s story will be mainly told in pictures. Let them speak for themselves 🙂


~TL;DR – Just give me that download button!

Balance tweaks

First of all, let us take a glance at what BA 10.15 brings in terms of balancement. Considering the feedback received in the last few months it was easy to deduce that the main point of concern is currently the supremacy of T2 ARM vehicles, especially of the Penetrator meta. Due to the fact that along with other artillery in BA10.00 they were given a reverse move option, they were way too good at avoiding counter strikes even with fast units. In order to fix this issue, the reverse gear speed has been reduced from 60 to 40% of its forward move velocity.

Consequently, referring to another big complaint the com-blast lethal range to other commanders has been extended (+35%). As a result, the current diameter is somewhere between BA9 and BA10 values. This has to do with commanders being too hard to catch in the comblast range, and we all love combombing don’t we? 🙂 

Other than that, small tweaks were also done to Kbots – most importantly, Rezzers got their reclaim speed increased, getting closer to the classic value. What is more, Maverick got it’s base HP raised by 7%, to make it more relevant before it gets its momentum. In addition to that, the torso rotation speed of Kbots has been enhanced making their microing more enjoyable.  Lastly, we have increased the cruise altitude of transporters by a tiny bit in order to avoid situations in which units get unloaded instantly.

Strategic radar icons

Good news everyone! A few days ago we have been visited by a living legend, the one and only IceXuick – creator of (among many) so far the best and most popular map – the irreplaceable Delta Siege Dry! Welcome back, mate! 🙂 Thanks to his contribution you can now enjoy the brand new, completely redesigned icon set for the radar view. Ths new set embraces the idea of strategic symbolism. In addition to unique icons for all units of interest, it codes a lot of information about every unit fighting on the frontline and every building in your base. Just by looking at a certain icon you can tell its power, type tech level, and even the weapon type!

This set will be used as a default from now on, so if you prefer old icons, you can switch back to them in settings. If you find the information coded in the icons overwhelming you can also switch to a simplified version of modern icons (which removes tier info etc.) But don’t! 😀

Modern icons
Old icons

New effects and options

In addition to the balance tweaks and new icons, BA10.15 comes with some fancy new graphic effects. First of all the gauss cannon of all flak AA units got a nice upgrade. It looks now way more like the actual flak weapon. This, teamed up with new aircraft burnout effects will make every air battle look just astonishing. Take a look at this!

What is more, we have now a brand new effect for nanobeams, that is both more optimal in terms of performance and better looking! You can switch between the old and new effect in settings. We have also added a lot of helpful new UI settings, you can look them up in the changelog below.

Lastly, we have added a fancy light effect that will display on laser hits, barrel fire, air thrusters, nanobeams, and fusion balls. Its another one of those tiny improvements that, when put together, make up for a great total effect. The light is fully mapped and reflects off other units, ground and map features. Again, just take look at an example with BAR models:

Progress with BAR

Lastly, for those who are interested in what the heck is going on with BA:Remodelled, we got another portion of good news! Thanks to Floris, all new models have just been resized in order to make them match the classic unit dimensions. This seemingly insignificant change has a great influence on the recognizability of units through new models. See the gallery below, to have a comparison between the classic and remodeled units (click to open in 4k).

You can switch to BAR models anytime you like, just select the modoption “Remodelled units” when setting up a game 🙂 How do you like the BAR models so far? If you want to comment on them or contribute join us on BA Discord We are looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you for testing!

(This goes to lobby download. If you already have that, download via lobby or use this link)


Hotfix 10.14 -> 10.15

  • DGun area of effect lines will be yellow when having insufficient energy
  • Fixed nano-beam lights turning off immediately
  • Icon tweaks, additions, and fixes

Balance changes:

  • Comblast lethal range to other commanders extended (+35%)
  • Vehicles acceleration and brakerate are now based on maxVel and turnrate
  • Stumpy/Raider/Bulldog/Reaper metal cost increased +5%
  • Storm/Rocko/Thud/Hammer : torso speed rotation increased
  • Removed high trajectory weapons from Hammer/Thud
  • Maverick +7% hp (from 1300 to 1400hp)
  • Penetrator reverse speed from 60% -> 40%
  • Ressurect kbots +20% reclaim speed
  • T1 air transports vertical speed reduced 25% + cruisealtitude 65 -> 70


  • New ‘modern’ unit icon set (made by IceXuick), choose between old/modern/modern_simplified in options
  • Added light effects to: laser hits, barrel fire, air thrusters, nano beams and fusion balls
  • New flak explosion effect + custom crashing airplane smoke trails
  • Adjusted proportions of all BAR (remodeled) units to match their BA counterparts (modoption: barmodels)


  • “Icon set”, “Icon scale” and moved “Minimap icon size” there as well
  • “Nano effect”: beam or particles (old effect)
  • Shadows: “max quality”, “min quality”, “disable at average FPS”
  •  include builders’ .. in area-selection, you can disable to exclude builders
  • “passive builders”: nanos, cons, labs
  • “Dont snap DGun to ground units” (default disabled), still snaps to air, ships and hovers on land
  • “Anti Aliasing” slider works again, but limited max value of 4. (MSAA will be used instead of FSAA)


  • Reduced footprint of engine replacement trees + tree fire wont spread as wildly
  • Continuous aiming change always being able to fire, even when turret was way off
  • Popup units wont start targeting unless enemy is within weapon range
  • LLT’s only aims when target is within range (to keep early scout gameplay intact)


  • Removed dgun range circle when enemy com gets near
  • Auto set 10000 particles as minimum

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