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Over the years the SpringRTS community has created hundreds of playable maps. On the other hand, their full scope may be a bit too overwhelming for players who are just beginning their journey with BA. Therefore we have chosen a list of quality ones, which are played most frequently. These packs include battlefields for duels, team skirmishes and FFA (free for all) matches. What’s more, we made sure that all of the maps inculded in the packet are up to date. Because some of them have many different versions, it is easy to get lost in it without such guidance. Hence, when a new version comes out and gets tested and accepted by the community it will be updated here.

Note that some of the maps contained in team pack may be as well played 1v1 and vice-versa. We encourage you to always try different maps and game-modes so your play style can become versatile. So without further ado, here are our top picks for best and most enjoyable maps for Balanced Annihilation. Check them out and have fun!

Note: These collections are going to be updated frequently. 

If you know of any good maps which we happened to forget, inform us! We will add them immediately. Also, if you are a map creator and you would like to include your map in this list, don’t hesitate and tell us! The best way would be via Discord #website channel. Also, if you’d prefer, try mailing us. We are also planning to create map-specific tutorials, they will soon appear in Guides section.



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