About Balanced Annihilation

What is Balanced Annihilation?

Balanced Annihilation continues the unceasing war between ARM and CORE started in Cavedog’s legendary Total Annihilation! BA is a free and open-source multiplayer-focused Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. You can play it on Windows, Mac and Linux. Engage in massive battles for land, sea and air supremacy. Control up to 5000 individual units. Choose between two ruthless cybernetic factions, nearly 400 distinct unit types, ranging from the tiny Flea KBot to the colossal Krogoth and the apocalyptic ICBM silos. Wage war on hundreds of maps encompassing a plurality of landscapes and strategies. Whether these be the hills and valleys of Delta Siege Dry, a desolate Martian-like wasteland of Red Comet, or the verdant paradise of Small Supreme Battlefield (or the face of a duck) – Balanced Annihilation is the most enjoyable galactic Armageddon you will ever command!


What makes Balanced Annihilation exceptional?

Balanced Annihilation features some unique design ideas that bring great quality to the gameplay. BA uses Spring Engine – probably the most powerful open-source RTS engine. It allows for the creation of highly customizable and complex games. Now, what makes it so remarkable? Here are some examples:

Incredible scale and realism

Control thousands of units while every single one of them is being governed by its own separate physical mechanism. Because so, every tank, ship or aircraft lives its own life and chooses its own targets. As a result, BA brings a great complexity of tactics and perfect balance between two core components of RTS gameplay – micro and macro combat.

Balanced Annihilation

Tactical importance of terrain

The shape of every battlefield in-game imposes which strategies should be used. Tanks are highly effective in flat regions. Yet they become cumbersome on slopes and hilly terrain. In contrast, the mountains are a domain of Kbots. Hovercrafts and amphibious units can cross bodies of water to surprise your opponents. All-terrain units can easily get around enemy’s defense lines to attack when and where he least expects it. What is more, the landscape in Balanced Annihilation is deformable. Hence, every bigger explosion will redefine rules of the game. 

Massive numbers of units and unit types

Balanced Annihilation includes over 300 individual units, and each and every one has its own specific role. Depending on the played map you will choose between unit types such as tanks, Kbots, ships, aircraft, and all-terrain. Not to mention experimental mechs, hovercraft, seaplanes, defense towers, nuclear silos and many more.

Unlimited resources

Balanced Annihilation doesn’t limit your strategies in terms of resources. Metal and energy constantly flow into your storage at a rate determined by how many economy structures you possess. What is more, it introduces an interesting game mechanic which is reclaiming wrecks in order to get metal from fallen units. BA’s factions are ecological and use only renewable sources of energy, like solar wind, fusion etc. So you want to attack only after getting 1000 aircraft? No problem – just set up a proper eco!

Rock-paper-scissors gameplay

Each unit in BA is designed for a different purpose. They can be useful for combating some unit types while being susceptible to others. Therefore the gameplay is based on scouting to get intel on your opponent’s plans and quickly reacting with proper counters. Effective unit combinations include short-range anti-swarm units, long range damage dealers, anti-aircraft and anti-nuke protection, repairers, builders, scouts, radars, radar-jammers and so on.

You won’t see two same battles

Hundreds of possible tactics that emerge from unit types and terrain features make every match an unique experience. Every tactic has multiple viable counters. As a result, the battle complexity rises with every minute of fighting. What is more, the two game factions use completely different types of weapons. Simple game rules, like the economy based on two resources mixed with a great variety of unit types give rise to an infinite number of possible game endings. Sometimes a well-controlled bunch of skirmish units can finish your opponent in minutes. Sometimes games take hours to end with good team balance.

Variety and customizability

Hundreds of maps and various different game presets make the game different with every time you play. There are lots of so-called mod options available to differ from the default settings. Two other game modes are included. BA Chicken Defence is a tower defense mode. In it you can cooperate with other players to neutralize swarms of ruthless aliens. UnBA Coms is a mode in which your main unit – commander gets stronger with every minute by leveling up. Furthermore, you can alter every map with water level settings. You can flood them or remove the water if desired. Finally, you can also configure unit restrictions to make the matches more demanding.

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