To play Balanced Annihilation, download Spring Lobby and then just join a Balanced Annihilation host! The lobby automatically downloads everything you need!

Spring Lobby

How to start:

  1. Install Spring Lobby
  2. Register a new Nickname
  3. Join one of the Balanced Annihilation hosts

Need any assistance? Ask on Discord:


Although Balanced Annihilation itself is an open-source project, it highly benefits from Total Annihilation’s assets such as models, sounds, and game design, which belong to Note that in order to play Balanced Annihilation you are legally obligated to own a copy of the original game. We also highly recommend new players to finish the campaign included in Total Annihilation to grasp the idea of the legend this game is and learn basics of the gameplay before going multiplayer in BA. You can purchase it for few bucks on one of the following platforms:

Got BA installed already? Check out our Map Packs!