What the hell is “porc”?

Through the many years of BA history, it has gathered thousands of players from all around the world. If you put such an international community together it is inevitable that sooner or later they will develop their own micro-language. What’s more, the dynamic character of BA gameplay requires quick communication. As a result, when a new player comes he is faced with a stream of unrecognizable commands from his allies. To solve this, we have prepared a glossary of most commonly used abbreviations and expressions. This can help you get around the world of BA with a better understanding of what’s going on.


– A –

AA (anti-aircraft)

If someone puts such a label in your base it means that there is a danger of air strike. Build anti-air structures (defenders/pulverizers/flak cannons etc.) or make fighters to protect yourself and the team. If the label is put on the front it means that someone requests support of your AA units or Figs there.


Advanced fusion reactor – a hazardous powerplant with highest energy output ingame (3000) and many players’ favourite unit. There is even a verb that stands for making a lot of them – afusing, and a dedicated fanclub clan – [AFUS].


A tactic that exploits the lack of proper AA to deliver units with air transporters directly into/near enemy’s base. Commonly used units for airdrops are Zeuses, Cans and pyros. More fancy/pro kinds of Airdrops are Comdropp and Commando dropp.

anni (Annihilator)

ARM long range tachyon laser turret. It has insanely good DPS, therefore proves useful in defending against T3 units.


Most often refers to “anti-nuke”Make sure you have anti-nuke coverage when someone writes it. It means that he has spotted an ICBM silo. At some point in the game (usually after 20th minute) you should make it anyway as at that time nukes become an inevitable threat.

AoE (area of effect)

A general term used for weapons and units that deal damage over a large area. This kind of weapons is used as a counter to swarms of weaker units.

– B –

BB (Big Bertha)

Refers to Big Berthas or Intimidators – long range plasma cannons. If someone points out a BB that is in range of your base make sure to build plasma deflectors or try to quickly eliminate it.

Behe (Behemoth)

CORE T2 heavy artillery cannon that can be placed on geothermal outlets. It has a very long range and deals substantial damage while producing +450 E.

Bomb him!

see: Combomb

– C –

Catas (Catapults)

CORE T3 mechs equipped with a long-range multiple missile cannonade that deals large area damage and provides with a barage that can outrange all T1 and T2 units.

ccr (Comer Catcher Redux)

Popular 1v1-5v5 map presenting a flat moonlike surface with tons of metal spots. It is one of the most frequently played maps in Balanced Annihilation. Included in Team Map Pack.


Balanced Annihilation: Chicken Defence is a gamemode in which players cooperate in defending against swarms of aliens called “chickens”. It’s characterised by a tower defense kind of gameplay in which porcing is a very relevant tactic. Though, at the end of the game players are faced with the Chicken Queen with insane DPS and HP. While fighting the queen static defences give up pretty quickly, therefore it’s good to have lots of different mobile units at the end to chase the and elliminate queen. Killing the queen ends the game.


CORE’s T2 paratrooper Kbot. It can be produced by a Freaker and T2 Kbot lab. It is able to survive having its air transporter being shot down. Thanks to this, it may be delivered straight to enemy’s base even if there is AA guarding it. If it reaches an unguarded base It can cause severe damage to it using its high buildpower to create mines next to buildings. It can also reclaim such damaged buildings to steal big chunks of metal.


The tactic of self-destructing your Commander in order to blow up enemy units. If someone asks you for it try to surprise your opponent and walk your Commander in a way that ensures the largest damage to his units and defenses. Try to get in close distance to their Commanders to cause a chained explosion. Remember to move your units from the blast though!


Range at which Commander’s explosion will deal lethal damage to other units. Note that it is shorter for other commanders. Some better-armored units are also able to survive comblasts.


The tactic of transporting your com (most often via air-transporters) beyond enemy defense line and Dgunning/Combombing his base.


An aggressive tactic that relies on Commander’s predominance over most early made units. Commander constantly walks towards enemy base Dgunning everything on its path and building LLTs along the way to claim the area.


An abbreviation for a constructor of any type and tier. Constructors can build economy, static defense and labs.

– D –


Defenses. An extensive building of defense structures is called porc.

Dgun (Disintegrator Gun)

A powerful manual weapon of the Commander. It can be used to destroy any unit (even T3) with a single shot. To fire it quickly use the hotkey D. You can queue successive Dgun shots (holding SHIFT) to take advantage of its full speed.

Drones (or blades/bw/stunners)

Bladewings – CORE fast T1 aircrafts that can EMP units.


Refers to airdrop.

DDM (Doomsday Machine)

CORE T2 powerful anti-swarm laser turret. It is equipped with a tachyon, high and light laser. It is able to stop any amount of T1 units, posing a serious threat to most T2 and even lighter T3. It is a CORE’s counterpart to ARM’s anni (Annihilator). It can hide it’s turrets under its armor, making


Delta Siege Dry, the most popular Spring map, played in teams of 3 to 8. Included in Team Map Pack. Some say it’s fans favourite, some say its the cancerous map that people play too often forcing it on others. Some say it’s the peak of RTS gameplay, some call it buggy and wrongly designed. One thing is certain, if you wanna play a decent 8v8 that will probably last for 40min+ you choose DSD.

– E –


Energy, one of two resources used for the production of units, and using weapons such as lasers and LRPC’s.


Electromagnetic impulse – a type of weapons that are able to paralyze (stun) units. This includes CORE’s Bladewings (T1 aircrafts a.k.a. Drones), ARM’s T2 EMP bombers, T2 air-transporters, EMP missile silos and few other units that produce EMP on self-destruction, like T2 SPY Kbots.

– F –

Figs (Fighters)

Light aircrafts armed with good anti-air missiles. If you play as the air support guy it’s your duty to protect your team with figs and send them to the front when requested.


A situation in which your units just get wasted on the front, allowing your enemy to reclaim the metal. Don’t feed them, son.

– G –

Gator (Instigator)

CORE T1 light assault tank. It is reasonably fast and can be used for raiding mexes and in large quantities for ravaging Commanders.


Geothermal Powerplant. In both factions they come in two technological versions: Geo and Moho Geo (T2). 


Good game!


Good luck!

golly (Goliath)

CORE T2 heavy tank with huge AoE. It can decimate most T1 units and defences. Therefore frequently used as the first “rushed” unit after building T2 veh lab.

– H –


Have fun!

HLT (Heavy Laser Turret)

Advanced T1 defensive laser turrets that can outrange most of T1 units. ARM – “Sentinel”, CORE – “Gaat Gun”.

– I –


incoming enemy units.

– J –

Jammer (Radar Jammer)

A class of units that make a region of the map invincible to enemy radars. It may be used together with CLOAK to make some units, like Commander completely hidden, provided that your enemy doesn’t have the Intrusion Countermeasure Systems.

Jugg (Juggernaut)

A (barely) Mobile Heavy Turret®. Powerfull, highly shielded yet slow as molasses. In 1 on 1 situation can even destroy a Krogoth but its super low speed makes it useful only in long-lasting late-game stages.

– K –

Kbot (Kbots)

A class of units defined by a bipedal or quadruped movement. They are the biggest unit type in terms of different units number in the game. Their general advantage over vehs (vehicles) is the abbility to walk on stepper slopes. They also suffer less of a slowdown when going uphill therefore they are eway more usefull on mountainous maps.

Krog (Krogoth)

A collosal T3 CORE experimental mech, considered the strongest unit in the game. However, in laboratory conditions, it can be defeated by a Jugg or a Flagship in a one-on-one matchup.

Karg (Karganeth)

All-terrain T3 CORE unit with a high-DPS rapid missile weapon and light AA.

– L –


Laboratory. This is how we call unit factories in BA. The terminology here goes  back to OTA. Labs come in three different technological levels.

LLT (Light Laser Turret)

T1 basic defensive structure, quick to build, used for protecting mexes etc. It can be quickly produced by the Commander, defending it from pw/ak/flash raiding.


LRPC used in late-game stages. It drains huge loads of energy but shoots with unmatched range. strength and fire rate. It was introduced to the game as a solution to exhausting hour-long games with burning CPUs and stalemates due to 1 fps framerates.

LRPC (Long Range Plasma Cannons)

Big Berthas, Intimidators and Lolcannons.

– M –


metal exctractor

MM (Metal Maker)

Energy-to-metal converters. In both factions they come in two versions – T1 and T2 one (Moho Metal Makers).


Metal 😀


May refer to different types of units. Generally, the prefix “moho” means an upgraded version of a building. Most often: Moho Metal Maker, Moho Geo, or Moho Metal Maker.

– N –

Nano (Nano-turrets)

A stationary reapair/assist/reclaim turret. They provide with high buildpower, but cost a lot of energy to produce. You can transport nano towers to where you currently need more buildpower using trans.

– O –


Original Total Annihilation. The legendary RTS by Cavedog, which redefined the genre. Balanced Annihilation serves a tribute to its legacy. Although Balanced Annihilation is an open-source project itself, it highly benefits from Total Annihilation’s assets such as models, sounds, and game design, which belong to Note that in order to play Balanced Annihilation you are legally obligated to own a copy of the original game. We also highly recommend new players to finish the campaign included in Total Annihilation to grasp the idea of the legend this game is and learn basics of the gameplay before going multiplayer in BA.

– P –

pene (Penetrator)

A type of Italian pasta shaped like little tubes, also a heavy T2 arm vehicle armed with a high-energy (Tachyon) laser that can deal tremendous amounts of damage, decimating any T1 unit with one shoot. Since BA version 10 these vehicles are given the ability to move backward (using CTRL+click). This empowers them significantly, as they can only shoot in the direction, that their chassis is facing.

Porc (from: porcupine)

Heavy defences. Most often refers to a static game style in which players spend all their resources on securing frontline with loads of turrets and AA.

pw (Peewee)

ARM T1 fast assault Kbot. Peewee is a basic infantry Kbot. Being very cheap to build and having high top speeds can be useful for scouting and taking down unguarded metal extractors and eco. In late T1 warfare, Peewees can be used for ambushing Commanders and speedy skirmishing. Light armor and short range makes it susceptible to defensive towers and riot tanks.

– Q –

– R –


Reclaiming. In BA the Commander, constructors and rezzers are able to suck in the resources from wrecks, rocks and organic objects, like trees or energy spines. You can also reclaim your own and enemy units, gaining their whole metal content.


Resurrecting. In both factions, there are units that can turn wrecks back to life again. Necro (CORE) and Rector (ARM) are the most commonly used “rezzers”. There are also T1 submarines in both factions that can resurrect units in water. Rezzing is a crucial element of most front pushing tactics, as it adds the snowballing effect to the assault.

rdr (Radar)

Radars are used to detect units that are out of your line of sight. These units show on the map as dots that approximate their location. You can target them, but keep in mind that the actual position of your target might be dislocated when compared to the dot’s position. To improve the precision of your radar dots, you can use targeting facilities (T2 building in both factions). Radar vision in a particular area may be disabled using jammers.

Riot (Riot tanks)

Refers to the Leveler, a powerful CORE T1 tank armed with an impulse weapon that deals AoE damage and repels light units. It makes it highly effective against swarms of peewees, flashes etc. A drawback is their low speed and inability to shoot over each other, therefore always try to move them in a line. Rather ineffective against long-range defense towers – combine them with Slashers (rocket trucks) or Storms (rocket Kbots) to push the front and constructors for repairing.

roy (Destroyer)

Heavily armed T1 battleship, serves the role of naval artillery and torpedoes in close combat. Destroyers are able to outrange most of T1 defense (except Guardians/Punishers). 

– S –

Self-D (Self-Destruct)

In BA you can initiate self-destuction of your units with a combination of keys: CTRL+D. Self-destructing some units (most commonly Pyros, Crawling Bombs, Banthas etc.) may be useful while skirmishing as they deal higher AoE damage than when exploding from the damage taken. SelfDing your Commander to blow up enemy units is called Combombing. Remember that self-destructing your entire army and units before the game ends is considered trolling in BA. Use RESIGN if you want to lay down your arms so your allies can take over your units.


A type of building that can detect uw (underwater) units similar to a radar on the surface. Since Balanced Annihilation version 10, sonars got merged with offshore radars, so that you don’t have to build both. Sonars cannot be jammed.

Sub (Submarines)

Quiet seabed dwellers. In BA you have submarines armed with torpedoes, others can build and resurrect sea units. They are normally stealthy in a sense, that they are only visible to LOS when they are very close. They are invisible to radars and can only be detected using sonar.


In BA: making a lot of something, ie. fleaspam: a constant stream of fleas made with multiple labs, in order to draw the fire of opponents high DPS units, like snipers/penetrators.


T2 cloaked/stealthy Kbots produced by both factions, Infiltrator for ARM and Parasite for it’s CORE counterpart. These units, when cloaked are invisible to radars and line of sight of hostile units. Thanks to this abbility, they are able to sneak into enemy bases and infiltrate what your opponents are doing. Moreover, these Kbots produce an EMP blast when self-destructed that paralyzes units in their range for a significant amount of time. Therefore spies may be used to disable anti-nukes and other strategic buildings. Additionally, they can reclaim.

ssb (Small Supreme Battlefield)

A popular land&sea map with two isles connected via a landbridge. It is originally based on Supreme Commander map called “Seton’s Clutch“. Included in Team Map Pack.

– T –

Tac (Tactical Nukes)

CORE long-range missile silos. Their rockets can overshoot all T1 and T2 defense and deal substantial AoE damage.


Teching. A tactic which takes the advantage of having players who handle the front, while a “techer” can focus on rushing exponentially growing economy that surpasses the level of front players. Techers usually blow up their Commanders in order to get the shiny 2400 m that can be invested in the T2 lab or energy-generating structures. These players serve the role of front support, usually providing with air units/nukes/T2 constructors for the rest of the team etc.

tl (Torpedo launchers)

T1 and T2 static defensive structures built by both factions in the water. They can deal high damage to sips and submarines. The only unit that outranges torpedo launchers in T1 stage are destroyers (roy).


Technological levels a.k.a. tiers names that come all the way back from OTA. To produce units of subsequent tech levels you first need to build a lab of given tiar. These labs are created by constructors of corresponding unit type. In other words, T1 veh cons may produce T2 veh labs etc. The T3 symbol stands only for Kbot experimental T3 gantry that can be built by T2 Kbot cons.

TS (True Skill)

The rating system used by the autohosts on the spring server. You can see your True Skill at and on the player list.


Most often refers to air-transporters


Tidal Generators. Basic energy structure used in sea gameplay. Tidal power is determined by the map. Usually, tidal energy generation is around 18-30.

– U –

uw (underwater) 

A big part of naval gameplay happens at the seabed. It refers to T2 offshore economy, submarines, amphibious units etc.

– V –

veh (Vehicles)

All units with wheels or tracks. Useful on flat and open battlefields.

– W –

wp (well played) 

Said, when you just got rekt by your opponenet with no lubricant.


– X –

– Y –

– Z –