Map packs

Over the years SpringRTS community has created hundreds of playable maps. Hence, their full scope is a bit too overwhelming for players who begin their journey with BA. For this reason, we have assembled a list of quality maps, which are played most frequently. These packets include battlefields for duels, team skirmishes and FFA (free for all) matches. Note that some of the maps contained in team pack may be as well played 1v1 and vice-versa. We encourage you to always try different maps and game-modes so your play style can become versatile. There is definitely a favorite map out there for you! Now, here are our top picks for best and most enjoyable maps for Balanced Annihilation. Check them out and have fun!

Map packs come as .zip files. In order to use them unpack those archives into your …/Spring/Maps/ directory.  

Still need more? Visit SPRINGFILES to see the full list!

1v1 map pack


This packet includes 18 maps:
Cooper Hill • Altair Crossing • Quicksilver • Eye Of Horus • Avalanche • TitanDuel • Badlands • ArcticPlains • Geyser Plains • Barren • Brazillian Battlefield • Crimson Crater • Onyx Cauldron • MoonQ10x • Zion • Zed • Desert Cliffs •  Red Comet

  • Zion v1

Team map pack


This packet includes 44 maps:

The Rock Jungle • Tropical • Tundra • Delta Siege Prime Ultimate • LLTA Complex • The Rock Final • Titan • Centerrock • Small Supreme Islands • Tabula • Green Fields • Small Supreme Battlefield • Tangerine • Comet Catcher Redux • Dead Reef Dry • Tropical • Titan Flooded • Altored Divide Remake • Charlieinthehills • Small Supreme Battlefield • Supreme Battlefield Dry • Talus • Talus Wet • Tempest • Tabula_Flooded • Moon Quartet Remake • MoonQ20x • Mountain Pass • Nuclear Winter • Koom Valley • Lost • Kappa Basin • Comet Catcher Redux v2 • Folsom Dam Deluxe • Frozen Fortress • Green Comet Basic • Desert Siege • Sacrifice • Speed Ball • Duck • Valles Marineris • Colorado • Barbary Coves • Xanthe Terra

  • Titan Flooded

FFA map pack


This packet includes 16 maps:

MartianDesert • Lava Highground • Throne • Dworld Acidic • DesertTriad • Expanded Tropics • Claymore • Castles • Blindside • DesertTriadFlooded • Delta Siege Island 8-Way • Archers Battlefield • Green River Confluence • Trefoil • Mearth  • Neurope

  • Green River Confluence

We are planning to create map-specific tutorials, they will soon appear in Guides section.