BA 10.15: Strategic icons, effects and progress with BAR

BA 10.15 unleashed!

How is it going, folks? It’s been a long time since the last release of a new BA version. But don’t you worry, in the last few weeks BA Discord was literally streaming with creative work and new ideas. Starting with improvements on BA:Remodelled units, adding and enhancing graphics effects and ending on a total redesign of the radar icon set. This update, above all, is about the graphics stuff, however, some essential balance tweaks were also introduced in order to finally refer to some of the long-going players’ complaints. All in all, this update’s story will be mainly told in pictures. Let them speak for themselves 🙂


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BA version 10.12 is out!

We’ve improved the newly created AI: DAI.
Units now continuously aim and wont lag behind, 2018 is here after all!
And more options added to the in-game options window, like resolution, window position, camera smoothing, tree wind, and more.
When tracking a player’s camera… your view/radar will be equal to what that player is seeing.
Our engine replacement trees can now catch fire and propagate it to their neighbors. To bad not much maps use engine trees.
We also bring lots of fixes and feature/code cleanup too.

We removed support for older engines to offer a consistent experience and balance. Unfortunately MacOSX users can’t run these newer engines. At least until SpringRTS Engine version 105 comes out which probably brings support back, but that will take a while.

Thank you for testing!

(This goes to lobby download. If you already have that, download via lobby or use this link)

Tourney winners and BA’s own dictionary

1v1 tourney

Good news everyone!

Nice to see you again folks! A lot of stuff has been happening in the last couple of days in the SpringRTS microcosm. First of all, 27 April 2018 marks the day of a Spring-based game being fully released on Steam – ZeroK. That is a major milestone for all of us in the SpringRTS community. Big congratulations to the dev team and best wishes for even bigger success! What’s more, The Spring Project gracefully steps into its 13’th year of existence. Happy birthday! Thanks to you all good fellas for playing, contributing and having fun with us for all these awesome years. Meanwhile, here at BA we have celebrated it our own way – by organizing a 1v1 tourney. Read more to see the winners and what’s new on the website!

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BA 10.08: Hotfix, 1v1 tournament + more goodies


Quick update to BA 10.07

Hello everyone! We are just dropping a quick update to touch the issues which went out of sight during BA 10.07 testing session. As may or may not have noticed in the last couple of days Juggernauts refused to shoot their main canons. What is more, there were few problems with the behavior of the newly implemented cloaking script (needed due to a new way of implementing CLOAK in new maintenance engine). Some units wouldn’t auto-cloak after walking out of the lab, also the automatic hold-fire widget didn’t work as it is supposed to. These two plus some minor different bugs have forced the dev team to release a quick bugfix.

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BA 10.07: Kbot mobility, transporter fix, voice system

BA 10.05

BA 10.07 is finally here…

How is it going, guys? It’s been a while, huh? After a bit of a delay, we are finally dropping Balanced Annihilation version 10.07. Same as before, the long wait is going to be really well-rewarded. Again, there is a lot to talk about, so I will try to break it down in the most compact way possible for a better understanding of the changes. This update gently touches many different aspects making tiny improvements here and there, but there are some focal points to discuss. BA 10.07 features a tiny boost in Kbots mobility, an in-game voice/notification system, a major improvement in transporters’ behavior and control and new fancy effects. So, without further ado, here are the most important changes coming with BA 10.07.

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BA 10.06: Widgets, BAR, tips and more fanciness!

BA 10.06 update – I don’t even know where to start…

There’s been a lot of things happening lately in the world of BA. First of all, we are finally dropping Balanced Annihilation version 10.06, and hell boy, this one is BIG! The amount of goodies that BA 10.06 brings is beyond any minor update that happened in the last couple of months. Starting from fancy new widgets, through a significant boost in noob-friendliness, partial integration of BAR models, ending on awesome new graphic effects and much more. And that is only the tip of an iceberg of great news we have for you, so without further delay, let’s break it down. Enjoy! Continue reading “BA 10.06: Widgets, BAR, tips and more fanciness!”

BA 10.05: Vehicle balance and tons of bugfixes

BA 10.05 release

BA 10.05 update – this one is big!

How is it going, folks? Finally, the fifth iteration of Balanced Annihilation 10 arrives. It features a major vehicle balance nerf, adjustments in Unbalanced Commanders game mode and a lot of bugfixes. So prepare your Dguns and brace yourselves for BA 10.05! Continue reading “BA 10.05: Vehicle balance and tons of bugfixes”

BA 10.04: performance, unBA Coms, new icons

Check out BA 10.04!

Hello again folks! Better late than never, here comes the news about the new BA version. It’s been another great week of interesting games in Balanced Annihilation. In the meantime we are dropping another small update, welcome to BA 10.04! The dev team lately has set its focus on increasing the performance of default and frequently used widgets and balancement of the unBA coms game mode. Continue reading “BA 10.04: performance, unBA Coms, new icons”

BA 10.03 End-game rules, bugfixes and adjustments


Delta siege game with same colours team palette in BA 10.03

BA 10.03 is live!

We are only three weeks into playing the new fancy BA and already a third update hits the stage! BA 10.03 brings some minor graphical bugfixes, a new experimental setting and an improvement to the endgame condition script. As a result of the latest discussion on forums, we came to the conclusion, that the prevent_combomb script (a.k.a. 1v1 rule) needs a redesign in order to get more consistent.

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BA 10.02: new effects, stumpy nerf and more!

Balanced Annihilation 10.02 is here!

Hi there! 2017 is slowly coming to an end. Meanwhile, after the few first games after the release of BA 10.00 it became obvious that vehicles benefit too much from the lately introduced pathing. Especially stumpy movement made it able to overrun any T1 counterpart in terms of efficiency. The recently released BA 10.02 version has these things sorted out. Stumpy movement was made closer to the one from BA 9.46. It means that there were given more inertia. As a result, they will feel heavier now suffering from slower turns and lower acceleration.

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