Tourney winners and BA’s own dictionary

1v1 tourney

Good news everyone!

Nice to see you again folks! A lot of stuff has been happening in the last couple of days in the SpringRTS microcosm. First of all, 27 April 2018 marks the day of a Spring-based game being fully released on Steam – ZeroK. That is a major milestone for all of us in the SpringRTS community. Big congratulations to the dev team and best wishes for even bigger success! What’s more, The Spring Project gracefully steps into its 13’th year of existence. Happy birthday! Thanks to you all good fellas for playing, contributing and having fun with us for all these awesome years. Meanwhile, here at BA we have celebrated it our own way – by organizing a 1v1 tourney. Read more to see the winners and what’s new on the website!

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Check out map packs!

Over the years the SpringRTS community has created hundreds of playable maps. On the other hand, their full scope may be a bit too overwhelming for players who are just beginning their journey with BA. Therefore we have chosen a list of quality ones, which are played most frequently. These packs include battlefields for duels, team skirmishes and FFA (free for all) matches. What’s more, we made sure that all of the maps inculded in the packet are up to date. Because some of them have many different versions, it is easy to get lost in it without such guidance. Hence, when a new version comes out and gets tested and accepted by the community it will be updated here.

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