Balanced Annihilation is a cross-platform free-to-play Real Time Strategy (RTS) game continuing the legacy of Cavedog’s legendary Total Annihilation. Engage in massive scale battles including 3000+ individual units, while playing in teams of up to 8 players. Prove you are the best strategist around by participating in a free-for-all mess or annihilate your enemies in duels! And never forget to protect yourself from the mighty nuke.

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Balanced Annihilation - FREE multiplatform, open-source RTS

Latest News

Check out map packs!

September 15, 2017 12:28 am

Over the years the SpringRTS community has created hundreds of playable maps. Their full scope is a bit too overwhelming for players who are just beginning their journey with BA. Therefore we have chosen a list of quality maps which are played most frequently.

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Best screenshots of the week

Every week we compile the best user-submitted screenshots and display them here. Would you like to have your screenshots featured? Submit them on Discord!


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Upcoming release preview

The next release (Balanced Annihilation 10.0) is just around the corner! The amount of coming goodies is overwhelming. Hence, for now we can only give you a glimpse of what is going to be included in the upcoming version. In order to satisfy your curiosity, you can join the test games on one of the official BA 10.0 test autohosts. Join [ACE]Ticot, [ACE]Delicat, or BAAlphatest and participate in our final sessions before the release. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the changes. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Jump in and be among the first players to see the new content and the all-time peak of RTS gameplay!